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The petrochemical industry utilizes fans in many different areas of the plant. Each of these custom applications requires quality fans designed for durability Authentic Buster Posey Jersey , ease of maintenance and dependability. Some of the areas where fans are used include forced draft fans and induced draft fans. Buffalo Fan Co. has extensive experience providing air movement solutions involving all areas of petrochemical processing. and has worked with numerous companies throughout the United States and worldwide, serving more than 60 petrochemical facilities and counting.

Buffalo Fan Co. provides fan testing and validation services at the in-house laboratory, as well as on-site. We also offer scheduled maintenance, including balance, alignment and operational training. Buffalo Fan services and repairs all brands and types of fans. The fan services offered is an extension of Buffalo Fan's commitment to provide the customers with the highest level of service and support.

Buffalo Fan and its assotiated companies have vast experience in meeting the extremely stringent requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API). With engineers sitting on the API task force, project management, test procedures and worldwide installations, Buffalo Fan Co. has the experience and expertise to meet the API 560 and 673 specifications without exceptions. Typical requirements are:

• Fan sleeve bearings, wither anti-friction or hydrodynamic
• Constant level oilers
• Single or double carbon ring shaft seals
• Corrosion resistant shaft sleeves with strict runout tolerances
• Heavy-duty inlet silencers with minimum 15' height requirements
• NDE-Dye penetrant inspection of rotor welds
• Fan mechanical run test & performance shop test

Special features of chemical duty fans are:

• Cast iron access doors
• External linkage radial vane damper
• Tubular base
• Lateral & torsional analysis complete to the bottom of the sub base

Buffalo Fan is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of the highest quality industrial fans throughout the world. Our products are known for their rugged construction and reliable operation. Buffalo Fanr offers unmatched flexibility and fan customization, coupled with superior service before and after the sale. Buffalo Fan also have the capability to provide parts and service for products not manufactured by Buffalo Fan Co.

Biomass boiler packages service the wood industry—burning waste products ranging from excess wood, wood chips, coconut husks, or even cocoa bean shells to create steam that can then be used to generate power. Fans serving these types of industrial applications need to have a rugged construction to be able to handle the harsh operating environment introduced by the high-temperature biomass boilers, and Buffalo fans continue to stand up to the test. All housings are continuously welded using heavy gauge, reinforced steel, and suitably braced to prevent pulsation. Wheels and blades are manufactured with a heavy-duty, robust design.
In addition, the range of products used in the boilers means that the fans must handle often-dirty airstreams. In these cases, straight radial blade designs are used to alleviate the potential operational problems that can be caused from buildup on the blades from materials coming through the fan. Twin City Fan also understand the importance of designing a product that could meet the needs of varying climates and other environmental challenges. Buffalo fans are designed to be prolific throughout the word, from varying climates in South America, Europe, Canada, and all throughout the U.S. to ensure uninterrupted, consistent operation.

Buffalo Fan has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to accommodate virtually every conceivable application,after completing thousands of successful installations worldwide and have a proven track record for tackling the most technically complex and unique applications. Buffalo Fan offers a great breadth of products and quickly adapting to the needs of the customers.

Oleg Tchetchel
Ventilation Design Engineer
Buffalo Fan Co.

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