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Maplestory M pre-registration currently open

Maplestory M pre-registration currently open

The alliances of the world makes it obvious that the popualtion is perishing and something isn't going right. I hope as well, I think its a great idea, then again buy Maplestory M Mesos could just be that there is a great deal of new games out or both. Thank you for placing your insight on this particular topic btw.

It'd been 2.5 years since I was on. I never used them and they were untradeable. People who may not be familiar, they seem such as this.

The thing does not expire, and that I see no reason it wouldn't still function. The scrolls either triumph (20% chance) or neglect and ruin the item. But once I tried to use it something odd occurred.

They kept neglecting and destroying the item. Nothing strange there, only bad luck. The equipment was NOT destroyed and showed a +1 plus a slot was used. On the other hand, the scroll added NO stats to the gear like it was supposed to.

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  • Created: Nov 6 '18
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