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MINUFIYA Cheap Chargers Hoodies , Egypt, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- The country house of late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, dubbed ""Dar Al Salam"" (House of Peace), is leading to a renewed interest in Sadat's personal life and various achievements, especially as the country is witnessing increasing turmoil over the past few months.

On Sunday, thousands of Egyptians gathered in main squares across the country to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the October 6 war against Israel; yet, also the assassination of Sadat on Oct. 6, 1981 during a military parade.

At Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, demonstrators waved national flags, as they held pictures of Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Sisi, along with pictures of Sadat who headed the army's victory in October 6 war and shaped the nation's journey of peace and war.

In Meet Abou el Koom in Minufiya province, 105 km south of the capital of Cairo, lies Sadat's former country house, offering Egyptians a glimpse into the life of the military leader and former president.

The House of Peace is, in fact, a very large establishment. It is comprised of three separate buildings: the first is a two-story residential house for Sadat's family, which includes a famous window overlooking the whole village; the second building was designed for Sadat's servants, and after his death was converted into a center for social development.

The third is a one-story building with a wide reception room and two rooms with entrances leading to the village streets. Here Sadat supposedly met with village residents to listen to their complaints in an informal manner. Sadat's family has transformed this symbolic building into ""Sadat Museum.""

Sadat spent much time in Minufiya house, where he received top journalists and several world leaders, including then U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who played an important role in concluding the peace accord between Egypt and Israel.

Mahmoud Salim, a 77-year-old farmer who lives in Minufiya province, is old enough to remember Sadat's time there. He laughed as he told Xinhua reporter that the late president joked with one of the passing farmers to bring a donkey for Carter's wife to ride on during her visit to the village.

Sadat is remembered fondly here in his village and by many throughout Egypt as a philanthropist and as a leader who often marketed himself as ""one of the people."" Sadat has donated 1 million U.S. dollars, the value of his book sales, and another half million dollars which worth his Nobel prize, to help develop Minufiya with the solar energy.

Murad Youssef, a 65-year-old teacher in Minufiya, said Sadat was known to walk throughout his home village without bodyguards, echoing the former president's famous mantra: ""I'm among my family and children.""

However, Sadat's legacy is not devoid of criticism. He was accused by his opponents of ignoring the economic inequality in the country, leading to what was dubbed the 1977 Egyptian bread riots, a series of clashes in cities throughout the country that shook the image of political stability under his rule.

The idolization of Sadat and other former military presidents comes in the context of the special relationship many observers say is present in Egypt between Egyptian citizens and the military. Built over a period of decades, many Egyptians regard the army with respect and as heroes that helped the country in the 1973 war to regain the Sinai Peninsula.

The army and its leaders, both past and present, are now riding a surge of popularity among the many Egyptians who were opposed to the presidency of Mohamed Morsi.

Sadat's family has designated the museum as a public attraction for his followers and has used it to uphold and preserve the leader's image.

Sameh Shiehimy, the secretary of Sadat Museum, told Xinhua that Sadat's family has refused to put the museum under the supervision of Ministry of Culture, instead allowing guests to visit for free.

The museum contained pictures of the president with his family, along with other pictures that show the stages of the 1952 revolution and the posts he held under the rule of former President Gamal Abdel Nasser, said Shiehimy.

Shiehimy added that another section in the museum narrated with panoramic photos the preparations and documented the details of the October War, highlighting Sadat's visits to Sinai Peninsular and his meetings with world leaders and presidents.

A special section of the museum contained Sadat's personal items, such as his watch, Quran, radio, smoking pipe, shotgun, galabia (a traditional Egyptian garment) and business suits.

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LISBON, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed on Tuesday that he has split up with his girlfriend and model Irina Shayk.

""After dating for five years, my relationship with Irina Shayk has come to an end,"" he said in a statement.

""I wish Irina the greatest happiness,"" he added.

Rumors of a split up between the couple, both 29, emerged recently after the recent FIFA Ballon d'or award ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, which Russian model Shayk did not attend. Ronaldo did not mention her in his acceptance speech.

Shayk was also reported having unfollowed Ronaldo on social networking site Twitter.

According to Portuguese media reports, Shayk didn't get on well with Ronaldo's family and refused to attend his mother's birthday party, which led the couple to row and to the end of their 5-year romance.

Ronaldo broke a record in last season's Champions League scoring 17 goals and helped his club Real Madrid clinch its 10 title.

He has a 4-year-old son called Cristiano Junior, whose mother' s identity has been kept a mystery. Ronaldo was given full custody of the child.

Portuguese media have speculated that Ronaldo might already have a new girlfriend, the Spanish journalist and presenter Lucia Villalon.


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