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Rainbow Six Siege Is Far Ahead Of Other Games

Ubisoft doesn't appear to know why this matter is currently going on in the first location.

Secondly, Ubisoft has had to reverse a wave of bans, after R6 credits had been discovered a high number of innocent gamers were banned for boosting. All players who were awarded a 15-day suspension have experienced their bans and nearer investigations were carried out to determine who was not suspended and who. Individuals found guilty had suspensions reinstated, while naive players will be getting a 30-day Renown Booster this week due to the annoyance.

Although this ban came August 31, before the launch of Grim Sky, Ubisoft's fixes to the issues came. It raises concerns in the area surrounding Ubisoft but flawed enforcement of the rules of the game, such as criticism of their execution of the toxic language filters of this game.

Ultimately, a bone of contention comes in the kind of Rook, whose character model has been criticised for appearing to drastically lower his age. His visor was increased, however, the overall detail of his face seems to have been decreased from the process, losing a lot of the stubble and grime and leaving him looking baby-faced. Once again taking to Reddit, the community supervisor of Ubisoft confirmed that a patch will probably lower his visor again to cover the model, but the older face will not make a comeback.

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