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 What Do You Think Of Today's Rainbow Six Siege Patch

What Do You Think Of Today's Rainbow Six Siege Patch

In a movement that anyone who has ever played an internet game can appreciate, players can mute both teammates and the enemy team on both voice and text chat. This is part of the continued efforts to cut back in-game toxicity after the automatic, instant bans from the sport for using offensive language being introduced in July of Ubisoft. R6 credits is notorious because of its loud, poisonous minority and this continued push to fixing that problem ought to be applauded.Ubisoft's latest Rainbow Six Siege patch appears to have leaked information of an upcoming Halloween event including Operator skins along with a themed map.

Redditor shared a post on the Rainbow 6 subreddit that revealed a screenshot of the main menu of the game. While imagining seems to be from place throughout the menu as a whole, a little popup in the corner which alerted the participant of a unique occasion said that there was now a Multiplayer Casual playlist featuring a map called"Play House."

As some of the commenters pointed out the figures hidden in the smoke of the game style awake seem to be Operators. More especially, they seem as though they're the skins for different Operators that were shared at a tweet in August with different skins removing the faces from Operators, replacing the heads using eerie replicas of a sinister nun, and covering them with masks that are woven. While the skins certainly looked out of place compared to the remainder of the Rainbow Six Siege entire world, they make much more sense with the most recent leak suggesting a Halloween-themed occasion is coming in October.

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