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Rainbow Six Siege Devs Talk Bringing Balance

Rainbow Six Siege Devs Talk Bringing Balance

Valkyrie asks her longtime friend, R6 credits's Karen Bowman, to assist Twitch in monitoring Caveira down.

Players who finish Operation Archangel prior to August 14 will be awarded with Caveira's gloves, an in-game personalization which, when armed, allows a player's Ghost operative to play Caveira's particular takedown move from Rainbow Six Siege. The same as in Siege, performing the takedown reveals the place of all enemies within the area.

The new upgrade also adds the Rainbow Six Gear Pack, which gifts two new weapons: Caveira's Luison handgun as well as the HK 416 assault rifle. The package also includes Valkyrie- and - Twitch-themed cosmetics.

For PvP play, Specific Operation 2 adds two new courses: Toxic and Surgeon. The former is motivated by Siege's Smoke and utilizes hazardous gas to asphyxiate targets, and the latter relies on Siege's Doc and can use a stim gun to animate teammates from a distance. Two new maps, Factory and Checkpoint, are also being added, as is an Observer mode for gamers who wish to see PvP matches along with a permadeath style for players who want an additional challenge.

Ubisoft has shared some info for an upcoming spot for Rainbow Six Siege. The patch aims to balance both the pick and win ratio for Siege's Operators.

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