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Final Fantasy XIV's Dragon Hunter collaboration

Both much-loved franchises are a couple of the biggest in Japan, and their most recent FFXIV Gil games are among the most successful in the world at this time. The thought of both coming together really is huge.What nobody realised in the time was that the collaboration did not only come from nowhereor by the accountancy offices of both firms seeking to profit on each other's popularity--it had been a decade in the making.

Discussing Sun Online, show producer and director Naoki Yoshida -- known to his supporters as Yoshi-P -- explained how it arrived about.To know it, you need to return into 2010 when Final Fantasy XIV was initially introduced. Not just somewhat bad, but terrible.

Fans were outraged, the media was utterly scathing, along with the job looked doomed. Yoshida was quickly brought on board as a new manager to try and fix the game. At the moment, a buddy who he had met two years before, Ryozo Tsujimoto, tried to talk him from what he saw as career suicide by taking with this broken mess of a match.

Then he offered Yoshida any support he wanted.

In the time Yoshida turned him down, realizing that when he accepted the deal at that point then any success would only be riding his rival's coat-tails, and that the game would never manage to stand by itself. But the friends agreed that one day,"after the games were on a level playing field" they'd make it happen.

Yoshida set about his impossible job. He and his team tried patching the original game, but immediately realised it had been an impossible job because of the terrible state of the match and the back-end systems.As he puts it, at the time there was hardly any material, the user interface was terrible, and fans had a simple message: this is not a Final Fantasy game.

Square Enix contemplated scrapping the whole matter and being done with ffxiv wiki classes, but ultimately Yoshida set about a far more ambitious project. While maintaining support for the first and its long-suffering players, the team set about building a totally new game in parallel with the first.