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What changes are coming?

As things are right now, players who hit the conclusion of a given match in"Fortnite" are very likely to experience rockets, endless construction, and shotguns. "The superiority of shotguns, rockets, and Fortnite materials uncapped construction are such a dominant drama style in the final circle that many other strategies have been drowned out," the post from Epic Games says.

So, what changes are coming? And when? That is not apparent. Expect those changes"over the upcoming few months"

Epic is proposing some major changes into the core of"Fortnite" -- with over 125 million people enjoying the game any little change affects a slew of people.

And Blevins isn't happy with the capacity for source caps. "You are just gont possess a possible situation in which a lousy player is merely spraying [shooting] youpersonally, and you use up all your materials, then you die. That would make a good player rage," he explained on a flow this week. "I took the time to farm 999 timber, by golly I wan na na use it!"

Given the massive popularity of Battle Royale games in general -- by"Fortnite" into"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" and outside -- it is reasonable that Epic wishes to keep on evolving its game. In case"Fortnite" stays the exact same forever, it dangers dull players and finally losing them; if"Fortnite" changes a lot weapons, it risks alienating players and finally losing them.