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NBA 2K19: How to Change MyCareer Difficulty

There are plenty of ways to score in NBA 2K19 MT, however, dunking is among the few moves that you'll never get tired of seeing. Rocking the rim with a massive dip will surely get your performance included in the game's highlight plays. So, how exactly do you perform a dip?

Ordinarily, you can dip by sprinting towards the basket (R2 for PS4, RT for Xbox One, ZR for Switch) and moving the shot rod in any way or pressing the shooter (square for PS4, X for Xbox OneY and Y for Change). If you use the shot stick, you can pick from an assortment of dunk animations depending on the direction of your shot stick. Proceed the shot stick into the left or right side whilst driving to perform a left or twist dip.

Ake notice that participant stats matter from NBA 2K19. Your character must have a large enough dip stat to carry out a dunk; if not, he'll probably execute a layup instead. Furthermore, players that have a high enough Standing Dunk score can carry out a dunk even if they are moving towards the basket. Last, the best of the best could dip over defenders.

While dunks just score you two things, it's definitely a hard shot to contest for defenders.
Smart play is needed to win matches in NBA MT Coins. When you are stuck holding the ball with 2 hands, only abusing the pump imitation will cause you to get predictable. Just like in real-life basketball, deception helps produce openings for your team to land a shot. One of the tools available on your disposal is the imitation pass.

To perform a bogus pass, simply press the jump and shot button at precisely the same time. It's triangle and circle for PS4, Y and B for Xbox X and A for the Switch. Similar to performing a regular pass, the path on the left rod determines which individual you will throw the imitation pass to.Take note the fake pass does not work when you activate icon passing.
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