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Also, even if there were instructions

Also, even if there were instructions on finishing the last pursuit given near the beginning of the pursuit line (there might/might not have been, I really don't remember), I, with my terrible memory, could have forgotten regardless throughout the 15+ days necessary for completion cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos. So yeah I think that using my suggestion implemented would save people like me from passing up amazing future event benefits.

Long story short, provide me better recovery on potions or more rapid heal skills / incorporating back stupid fast hits to batswarm like it was like many abilities had around 15 or 20 spots back on glitch ... now on with the long post.

Now I've attempted tower of oz and I will just say that there are a few flooring that are , well ... unfair to Demon Avenger's to say the very least. 13F I must not get hit whatsoever with no lagging, or with buy Maplestory Mesos lag and die with numerous strikes due to lag, possess a ruined run. Why? cause. . Electricity elixir's just do 100k - 1 wellbeing fixes and I'm 500k hp clean -_-. Solution to cure when lagging? Oh . . .just go in almost naked. Then there is 27F ... oh the beautiful traps which hit you for about 30 - 35% hp should you screw up ... again . .go in naked.