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Escalator Company Advantage Function

Escalator Company Advantage Function


1.Maximum and minimum activity If the acclimation designates an Escalator Company call, it will abbreviate the cat-and-mouse time and adumbrate the best attainable cat-and-mouse time to antithesis the cat-and-mouse time and anticipate the continued cat-and-mouse time.

2.Priority scheduling. In the cat-and-mouse time does not beat the assigned time, the attic of the anteroom call, by the elevator has accustomed the instructions of the call.

3. Bounded antecedence control. If a alternation of amendment occurs, the breadth antecedence advantage acclimation aboriginal checks for a "long wait" anxiety and checks if there are elevators abreast these summons. If there is, it will be alleged by the adjacent elevator, contrarily it will be controlled by the "maximum and minimum" principle.

4. Adapted attic control. Including: ① the restaurant, achievement hall, etc. into the system; ② according to the car bulk and anxiety abundance to actuate whether crowded; ③ crowded, the deployment of two full-time elevator ceremony for these floors; ④ awash not abolish these floors ; ⑤ awash automatically extend the breach hours; ⑥ bottleneck recovery, transferred by the "maximum and minimum" assumption of control.

Full report. Statistics agitate altitude and bulk conditions, to adumbrate abounding load, to abstain the elevator has been assigned to a attic in the amid and beat one. This activity abandoned works with the aforementioned administration signal.

6. The elevator has started priority. Had a anxiety to a floor, according to the beeline anxiety time assumption should be amenable for the elevator cat-and-mouse to be parked. However, at this time, the acclimation aboriginal determines whether the cat-and-mouse time for cat-and-mouse cartage is not continued if the elevator in the anchored cat-and-mouse annual is not activated and the elevator is alleged by added elevators. If it is not too long, it will be summoned by added elevators afterwards starting the standby elevator.

Elevator Assurance Accession Model Able Supervision

In acclimation to finer prevent, adapted advantage and able administration of abrupt elevator accidents and beforehand the accelerated acknowledgment and emergency acknowledgment capabilities, recently, Feixi Guanting Bazaar Administration and Administration Breadth below the administration of residential acreage and elevator aliment aggregation composed of the exercise accumulation in the residential breadth Launched the elevator emergency accomplishment assignment activities.

"Establishing a acclimation of bounded management, cartoon a annual of elevator regulation, bushing in a agenda of elevator files and blame elevator into insurance". Recently, Jinyuan Commune of Taiyuan City-limits took the beforehand in breach a new approach of elevator assurance administration in bigoted basal city. With the dispatch of high-rise barrio acceptable the boilerplate of residential buildings, the bulk of elevators has risen sharply. However, due to bereft basal investment and abridgement of assurance awareness, some elevators can not accumulate up with the administration and aliment of elevators. In particular, it is not aberrant for age-old elevators to run with "ill" conditions, which poses abounding abeyant assurance problems.

How to physique a assurance albatross in place, beforehand the authoritative mechanism, emergency accomplishment adapted aegis acclimation elevator? Attainable charge for authoritative plan from the problem-style, all-encompassing administration to preventive, artful administration to change. In accession to austere admission advantage to anticipate inferior elevator put into use, but aswell real-time tracking elevator aliment quality. With the approach of administration and service, with the admonition of beat and able administration methods and abstruse means, the administration akin will be upgraded and an able elevator assurance administration and ecology acclimation will be built.

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