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Eliocalypse: The Great Flood

As he explored the thread of dofus kamas echo time deeper, the admiration for the World of Twelve of Martalo started to spoil. Today, the watcher was counting the Sanctuary of Last Hope to love a little respite.Much into his chagrin, his passion for the Planet of Twelve was gradually crumbling with every new day, scattering like fragments throughout the Kontinuum, and he was far from certain his love would ever be the exact same again.

The action of any and all casting him in a profound depression that had penetrated his being blended and had melded together. Martalo would not make it through time unscathed from his trip, he had to admit. But he had approved this mission willingly, prepared to present his life and his soul. The watcher seldom lifted his hood. The thick fabric gave him the feeling enveloped his skull that he was protected from the risks around him, even though it is a mere illusion.

Time seemed to have come undone in the World of Twelve for some months yet here it had well come to a halt. In the foot of the zaap that had seen him appear safe and solid against all odds, he climbed a blinding white stone staircase to an library. Martalo closed his eyes and lifted his brow like to receive the warm caress of the celebrity of this day. The wind picked up and slightly filled his hood like a balloon, even giving him a funny look. A head of a body on top. For a couple of minutes, he would not be the watcher. No. He'd only be a Twelvian like any other, Martalo.

A thick cloudappeared and immediately brought it an end, causing Martalo to shiver as his eyes opened and signed with irritation. The watcher watched a realistic spectacle is depicted by an imposing cumulonimbus as he did so. Others with debilitating scowls on their faces A horde of warriors, some with their hair standing on end, charged at an enemy. Suddenly, a howlfull of distress came from somewhere high in the skies.

Martalo felt his heart sink. He had already witnessed"that." A gust of wind suddenly wiped the "slate" clean. The curtain came down, then increased to get a second act: a group of cumulus clouds appeared. There was no demand for an introduction. He recognized them right away he'd gained through diligent study. It was the members of the council. Frida Mofette. The dragon. Pandora. Or even the General Kra Kleure. They were there. Them All? Almost. 1 member was missing. Allisterine. Where was she? The clouds came and buy Dofus Kamas moved in rhythm with the wind. But who was behind this macabre spectacle?