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At all let alone wow classic gold the older universe

At all let alone wow classic gold the older universe, etc.. There will be sure individuals that started during/after cataclysm and the actual test will be seeing how those players take to WoW Classic since when it turns out they actually enjoy that leadership then WoW Classic will undoubtedly be massive. I also don't think it's a drawback that a course be a class rather than a spec, as you said on screen the specs should've always stayed about being an enhancement to a class but you'd still remain that course, but they instead turned every spec into it's own course.

What I think is worth pointing out is that in vanilla it mattered which you took the competitive classes to raids because overall people sucked at WoW Classic compared to now, I believe you could almost definitely clear any of the raid content that has any courses in the raid as long as you dont have too many of the terrible courses in there. At the end of the afternoon there will always be individuals who will select the courses to out perform the remainder, but if I return to WoW Classic (Ex hardcore raider) I may play among the less competitive classes, and see how good I can get with this. And the idea that if you join a guild as any specific course and be genuinely made to play the spec that performs well is simply not accurate for 80 percent of the raiding guilds which will form.

I think you are coming from a strange place if you appear to think that people expect WoW Classic to be like a new experience. People wanted WoW Classic BECAUSE they played and knew WoW Classic, they did not need a new fresh encounter. Also only re-balancing the numbers is a dumb idea that I bet you gave no thought in any

way. It could be fine in PvE but boosting damage or decreasing mana costs for poorer classes could have a huge effect in PvP, largely for hybrid classes that aren't anywhere near as feeble in PvP since in PvE. Imagine a elemental shaman being able to pump out those CL/shock crits without going out of mana, feral druids doing the same its own this or that. While I see the point you're making about WoW Classic World of Warcraft, I believe people might favor being stuck into specific roles and limitations then to look in their course at everybody else's class in realize that there's nothing particular about them.I don't find a problem with class balancing in WoW Classic concerning class representation. Mostly because of this"difficutly" of the raids in vanilla WoW - they will be simple as hell. There simply will not be a need to stack classes to conquer encounter dps wise. It is not gonna happen. Why? It didn't happen back then either.

No changes buddies end of story. Blizzard is the same company it was back then. They will ONLY change WoW Classic for the worst. All the devs that understood how make enhance WoW Classic are all gone. Can you even think this thru for a wow classic gold for sale second? Let's say that they buff the

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