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Success of the Dofus Retro servers

The 1.29 is a fairly old version, but some reflexes that Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale  you can have on 2. XX is going to be helpful for you! If you are a new child, or an amnesiac veteran, this article is for you! Having a return to this origin on servers 1.29, the change of scenery will be complete. But perhaps this adventure is your first on the world of Twelve or you forgot everything which could happen 10 years back! So now we will focus on giving you some tips to perform nicely without being missing on Dofus Retro!

Everything was different on 1.29! Classes had one and just 1 function, well defined and with components that are pre-defined, for lack of stuff and spells. If you wished to play with Enutrof, it had been to finish Mule with drop and withdrawal. Eniripsa? Complete Fire and Gift of PA.. The choice will consequently be more on a function affinity than Dofus gameplay. Do you want to tank? Pick Sacrier or even Feca. You wish to put?

Your panel will be limited, as will the range of courses available. Buy Dofus Kamas  you're sure before you start gaining levels to love your character! Everybody can not afford to take time off to play Dofus Retro. A 200 rush on Nabur (or even Droupik) will require months, even for optimized teams!

Play as you want, without hurry. Make you Dofus Kamas, buddies, have fun and gear, dungeons, amount 200 will come later! With just 1 or 2 hours of play per day, you'll have memories that are good and a progression! According to two. They are vital for making equipment and dungeon keys.
  • Created: Nov 29 '19
  • Admin: Sletrry