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To get Madden 20 to maintain EA accessibility

As things currently stand, Franchise Mode has zero depth, and I am really jealous of anyone that's ready to make it through a full Mut 20 coins season without understanding how pointless/repetitive it is. Adding media conferences--and not just a preseason question about expectations onto a simple screen with a couple of cliché replies --for whatever role you select will obviously produce some variation for what's now just alternating between practices and games.

As a GM, for example, answers would possibly have an impact on the locker area, coaching staff, ownership, the media, and executives from other teams.

To start with, why is there any draft procedure? We should not be able to select our draft standing and staff; instead, users must undergo workouts and interviews to ascertain their draft inventory. Additionally, choosing our play fashion and being stuck with the evaluations that come with it is just dumb.

Why do all mobile quarterbacks have cannon arms and limited  buy Madden nfl 20 coins agility, for example? Career Mode should have special gameplay, impactful conclusions, and something very similar to ESPN NFL 2K5's"The Crib"--every one of which you may read about in this breakdown.

Like the choice to be a typical manager, this is something simple that EA should have included in the sport a long, long time ago. Coordinators may have a massive effect on a group, and the lack of these in Madden is inexcusable, especially for Franchise Mode.