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Learn the tooth implant process and feel confident Health Articles | December 30 Devin Singletary Shirt , 2010

The person who does the implantation is known as prosthodontist who is having sufficient experience in restoration and implantation. Many advancements and high success rate in the field have generated a confidence among the individuals so that they no more scared of the dental surgery.

Modern dentistry has brought advanced techniques and solutions to solve many problems related to tooth implant. Teeth implant is a procedure of replacing the absent teeth with an artificial tooth. It provides same comfort, appearance and feel to any person. To briefly explain the process of tooth implant one can say that first of all the fixture is inserted inside the jaw bone. The crown is placed over the implant so that the structure looks like other natural teeth. The person is given proper medication so that one can relax. Then the defected area on which the expert has to operate is made numb by anesthesia. It would be easy to understand the process by going through following steps-

The tooth implant process is generally done in two steps as it includes two surgeries

First surgery

In the first surgery the fixtures are inserted into the bone of the jaw.

The incision or cut is made on the surface of gum where there is no tooth.

This further exposes the underlying bone. The continuous drilling is done so as to make an opening in the bone where the fixture has to be inserted later on. During this density of bone is checked through X-rays and bone grafting is done when required to replace it with thick bone.

The implants are then twisted or screwed to the prepared site.

Then the site is closed for the time of three or four months. During this period the fusion occurs between the part and the jaw bone.

The person is provided some instructions. The medications and several antibiotics are given. The person has to make several visits to the dentist. One should maintain proper cleaning of the teeth and do not give much pressure to the jaw.

Second surgery

During the second surgery when the ficture has fused tightly the abutments are fused.

The abutments are the small connectors made of metal.

The cut is made for the exposure of the implant.

The cap or abutments are fixed on the fixture. Some of the physicians put the caps in the first surgery and allow the part to fuse. This saves the time for second surgery.

The last and final step in the tooth implant involves the replacement of the cap with the impression post. The impression is taken of tooth Cody Ford Shirt , post and surrounding teeth. The cap is replaced for the period of two to three weeks when restoration of part is being done.

The restoration is like a crown which is fixed to abutment or directly to part.

There is single tooth implant for replacement of single teeth and multiple for replacing multiple teeth or to support bridges. The second surgery takes less than about one hour as compared to the first surgery. Use a soft tooth brush for the proper cleaning of the abutments after tooth implant.

Such fixture avoids the shifting of the teeth. An ideal person for the tooth implant is one who has not taken many medications, has no bleeding disorders Ed Oliver Shirt , is financially healthy and having suitable jawbone for the support of the implant.

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