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The launch of ESO Blades Gold the new mega expansion

The launch of ESO Blades Gold the new mega expansion, however, will be accompanied from the months prior to the launch by some updates on the game and the beginning of the dragon period, which begins with the Wrathstone DLC and continues with Elswyer in which we will investigate lands already seen in The Elder Scrolls: Arena which will direct us to discover the long-awaited dragons.

The DLC in question goes to present considerably two new dungeons, which will serve to expect the facts that will subsequently be resumed with all the Elsweyr growth, to be released on 4 June. In every Wrathstone dungeon we will locate a half the key, of the Wrathstone plank that Abnur Tharn will use to open Colossus' Halls , involuntarily freeing the dragons on Elsweyr.

To get the dungeons, you need to get a celebration of four partners, all of whom should have reached at least level 45, then you can set the problem of the dungeon, which in exactly the exact same fashion as the prior ones can be put to The Elder Scrolls Blades Boosting normal, seasoned and hard.