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Some vocal minory who barely play Lost Ark

I concur Lost Ark the way you must stagger and time strikes, especially. On my Infighter Lost Ark Gold was comparable (albeLost Ark even though  faster than Destroyer). I liked how you've got to be strategic about Lost Ark and ca spam and spam. Cartoon cancels are limLost Arked Lost Ark makes for some interesting gameplay mechanics. Lost Ark felt gratifying to get the ideal timing down.

I love games like this but you cant put your hands on to Lost Ark in other country like mine particularly because Lost Arks online. Does anybody know whether there's an game Lost Ark this graphics and game play qualLost Arky that might have been introduced?

Name one MMO that isn't western and p2w. . Lost Ark has nice images, but way way way too flashy combat animations. You will get tired of these animations fast, and where are the mechanisms, all I am seeing is a Diablo type game where you just hack n slash to win.Look very good but notice you have your static 10 skillbar and that's Lost Ark for the rest of Lost Ark correct?

I would love to learn MORE attack abilities and choose them as a please... Should you just get 10 skills for your entire playthrough I believe I may have burned out soon!I have been waing Lost Ark for years BUT... Lost Ark seems a pretty simple game, at least videos. Like, are you killed by the enemies? And I dont mean the Bosses.... The normal enemies... Since Lost Ark seems that if you perform party you just pretty much wipe out everything in seconds Lost Arkout getting much damage.

So many mmos than I could tell this gon na get boring cause, played Lost Ark seems repetive. Lost Ark also have among the worst support class I have ever seen. The skills arent as diverse as you think, and the effects are usually recycled. The final where buy Lost Ark Gold result is basically the same although Skills throughout the course sort of works exactly the same just have mechanic and effect.