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Some people were able to demo it in BlizzCon, Diablo Immortal Gold they came away with no knowledge of the most crucial systems like how equipment and loot works.We also don't have any clue what type of monetization Blizzard plans to use, but given the dismal state of the mobile industry and how it plays to whales as well as the Asian market where microtransaction, pay-to-win schemes and other suspicious revenue practices are far more widely accepted, we can be forgiven for our skepticism.Blizzard's silence on this particular issue is worrisome.

Another problem with the game is that Blizzard isn't even growing it on its own. And that not just justifiably worries many players, it prompted a few cyber-sleuths to start digging.

While Blizzard has denied that this is a reskin, it surely wouldn't be the first time that the mobile developer has basically taken assets, systems, UI and other layout elements from among their other matches and then just changed a couple of things (artwork, narrative, some mechanics) and called it a new title.

I can't say 1 way or another, but just the bad odor related to this practice, and the early incriminations surrounding the match, will be enough to make it stick.Worse, I am perplexed why Blizzard believes another portable action-RPG in this vein is even necessary. Mobile gamers have been enjoying this type of clone for ages, and just stamping Diablo on it strikes me as insufficient.

You can play the game with gamers on PS4 PC and mobile all at precisely the exact same time. If any match is suited to this kind of safe Diablo Immortal Gold website, it is Diablo.If nothing else, this feels just like a huge missed opportunity.