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players are with ESO Blades Gold on media.

The battle is a Elder scrolls online blades service snooze fest. While story has never been their strong suit. Whether is a story here, I don't even know. Moving around and interacting with things is tedious. Now they are trying to suck as much cash out of people with their stupid gem bullshit (I suppose that they did in-app purchases with this Fallout game); you're a major company - only release a game that's 1 time pay.Everything about The Elder Scrolls Blades lacks invention and care. They're just pumping bullshit out since they understand it will be put up with by their fans and pay them cash to start these chests rapidly or buy those god damn'special offers'.

When did gambling not become about The Elder Scrolls Blades - however about how many trades you can whittle out of someone? I can not stand what this company has become. I am grateful for their work and I will remember Morrowind fondly for the rest of my life along side other greats like FFVII, A Link To The Past, Dragon Warrior - along with other RPG games that pushed at the boundaries. But they are a shell of the former self now.

They will ruin The Elder Scrolls Blades with lootbox kind of items, microtransactions and pay to triumph. Until I have enough of it, I do never touch a match where I don't understand how much I am going to pay in total for it to conquer it in case of games. See that you do not know whether your total spent The Elder Scrolls Blades EVER will probably be 50 bucks, a 100? Possibly 250 in total (within a span of years)? Or just 10 $/Euro? That is deceiving at this point for me.I dont see the point of having a game if the only way to advance is to purchase your advancement. As a gamer who defeats the purpose of levelling progression. The fact is there is no game . Only an illusion of a game to allow you to spend money to progress, instead of progress through playing. This sort of material is gaming cancer.This is honestly simply unsatisfactory. Bethesda released their 25th Anniversary video emphasizing how far they care about their fans, and also how much they value their feedback and opinions. I see about just how disappointed players are with ESO Blades Gold on media.