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Group Info

The magical parts of the DC Universe

We've only been learning a lot from our players and our contemporaries. A lot of individuals think of me and say"thank you for being one of the very first, Dcuo cash  learned a lot from you." I think that's kind of cool about MMOs on consoles generally. We discuss a lot since we want that genre to flourish on consoles since consoles are kind of their future because everybody's got one.

Among the things I've always enjoyed about DCUO is movement. No other game has captured flying and operating at super speed rather how it has. Have you heard about our motion mode styles? We launched those this year. Now you can pick on different colours and looks to such and your motion mode trails. We've got trails that are light, it sort of seems like you are trailed behind by Green Lantern. We've got multiple colors, we've got smoke that looks amazing on speeders since it seems like they're running so quickly they're kicking up dust behind them. But we have just done one round of these and we have got much more to do in the future.

Is it hard to balance so many different heroes and villains? How do you guarantee no one is overpowered or underpowered? It's an ongoing thing. We have 16 electricity collections, four distinct motion modes, and 11 different weapon sets. There is so many ways you can create it is really challenging to try and balance content and these builds. It's always something although I think we are doing a pretty good job.

What's it? I believe the main reason is content updates and having large expansions in any given year. We did not stop. We didn't let the ship sail to determine what happens. The group has promised it, wecontinued to include new adventures and new personalities 've taken care of it. There's a lot of characters and people always ask us.

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