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Games > Game Genres > Kids Games9 Perfect Snacks for Kids Who Love Sport

Posted by cetwin in Games on April 4th Tremaine Edmunds Jersey , 2015

Every parent know how difficult it is to get kids eat healthy snacks. What with all the glaring adverts of hundreds of fast foods that entice their young minds to gobble up foods that won’t improve their health.

Good nutrition is very important especially if your kids love to play sports. Research has confirmed that young athletes thrive on the same foods that adults take, but only in modified amounts.

Here then is a list of healthy fun kids snacks that will provide proper nutrition to your child’s growing body.

9. Bananas with peanut butter – this is a good pre-game snack. The potassium will be good for his muscles so that he won suffer from cramps, and the peanut butter will give him protein to pep up his energy.

8. Whole grain sports wafers, pasta or bread – these types of foods will provide your kids with carbohydrates that his growing body needs. Let him eat these one to two hours before a game.

7. Fruits and vegetables – a nice fruit and vegetable salad will provide your kid the vitamins and minerals that will increase his stamina. It is better if you give him the fresh and organic types for maximum benefit.

6. Water – don’t forget to give him water. He needs to stay hydrated during and after a game. Mineral water is best as long as your source is reliable. Distilled water is also fine because it is cleaner. However, its essential minerals and nutrients were taken out because of the distillation process that it underwent.

5. One-half cup of raisins and peanuts – this is a tasty offering that your child will not refuse. The important thing is: raisins are very rich in iron and other essential nutrients that will boost his energy level.

4. Whole Grain Pretzels – any food that is not overly refined is good to eat. Aside from being yummy, this food will help increase your kid’s energy which will enable him to complete his game without being exhausted. This is good for half-time basketball snacks.

3. Fruit smoothie with calcium-fortified soy milk – after the game, your kid will be hungry and thirsty. Aside from being yummy, this snack will help restore his energy after a tiring game.

2. Applesauce and string cheese – applesauce is tasty and has vitamin C and lots of dietary fibers and is good for the lungs. Cheese contains healthy amounts of vitamins C, B-6, B-12, A, D, E and K which can restore your kids energy after a game.

1. Carrot or celery sticks dipped in a healthy and tasty sauce – this is also a good post-game snack because the nutrients contained in these fresh vegetables, coupled with the yummy sauce will restore your kid’s strength.

BEIJING, March 6 (Xinhua) -- China observed the 52nd "Lei Feng's Day" on Thursday, when people across the country helped others and volunteered in remembrance of Chairman Mao's call to "learn from Comrade Lei Feng."

But five decades later, the legacy left by Lei Feng, a soldier lauded for his selflessness, is complicated. Some have asked whether there is still a need to learn from him. The answer is yes.

Some people argue that Lei is a mere propaganda tool, while others say his "spirit" is obsolete in today's day and age.

They are narrow-minded. Casting doubt on Lei's credibility simply because the government promotes him as a role model does not do justice to Lei's spirit or the selflessness and dedication of today's volunteers.

Lei lived in a time without social media. If he lived today, he would have to avoid much more temptation, but we still see the power of his spirit in many "contemporary Lei Fengs."

In Liaoning, where Lei is buried, miner Guo Mingyi made a name for himself by helping those in need. Guo spends around half of his annual salary sponsoring 180 children to attend school. He has also been a regular blood donor for more than 20 years. In turn, Guo's deeds have inspired many others across the country.

Preserving Lei Feng's legacy is necessary when today's young people hesitate to help elderly people and would-be good samaritans must worry about the consequences of being a "good guy."

The case of Meng Ruipeng, a student from North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, shows the slippery slope of moral decay.

Meng died while saving the lives of two drowning girls in February, but the girls' mother denied his heroic act out of fear she may have to compensate Meng's family.

Though she finally conceded that Meng saved the girls, the incident has surely not helped convince people to "learn from Lei Feng."

Society is never short of good will. More than a thousand people attended Meng's funeral -- a sign that people admire good samaritans.

The purpose of promoting the spirit of Lei Feng is not to lift Lei as an individual, but to advocate good morality.

Some people would do good deeds even without Lei. But some people only mock, instead of reflecting on what they can learn from him.

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