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Before You make a List Of Maid Agencies In Singapore, keep These Things handy!

Hiring a domestic help requires a considerable amount of time, thought and importance as you will be entrusting your valuable things and your family into a stranger鈥檚 hands. It becomes even more important after the 鈥榟iring domestic help鈥?tags has been fueled by news of 鈥榤aids gone bad.鈥?p> However, after having a thorough check and with some pre-hand information, you can ensure that you have selected the right maid. If you are struggling with the same, keep these things beforehand to have a smoother process:

What Do You Need:

First, examine your family, your house and needs, and then decide what exactly you are looking at a helping staff.

Agency鈥檚 Background Check:

Since maid agency is one of the easiest business to set up, look for a trusted agency with a solid background and top-notch services. Seek help from neighbors or close family member and then make a聽 list of maid agencies in Singapore. Don鈥檛 forget to check online portals and websites to make a list of reputable maid agencies.


Of course, you would want to live with a staff who shares the same interests, beliefs, interests, and religion. You can decide on a helper with the same religion or a helper that communicates in your known language.

So, make sure you clarify this set of beliefs, interests and religion with the helper.

Maid鈥檚 Background Check:

A background check is very important before you hire someone to take charge of your home. If you have a transfer maid, their employment history should be visible to prospective employees. But if you hire someone through an agency, ask professionals if you are hiring a trusted person. You can ask why their previous employer didn鈥檛 renew the contract and many other questions.

Interview Them Personally:

Ask all the questions that you think are important and then hire someone. Ask things related to child care, previous work, expectations and more.聽 Look deeper and ask questions like what is your favorite recipe, what did you most enjoy cooking, etc. This聽 questions will help you break communication barrier between you and your maid.

Is There Any Language Barrier:

Some maids and helpers are lucky enough to get someone who speaks the same language as their family speaks. Not only it made communication easier, but it also makes the task of giving directions or instructions less confusing. If you are unable to find someone who speaks your language, look for someone who at least understands English.

Although choosing a maid is daunting, with perfect planning, it can become a smoother and easier process.

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