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Returning Maplestory M player following a long hiatus

Returning Maplestory M player following a long hiatus

I recently made Maplestory M Mesos to ground 33 on tower of oz with my ghost (3 pill slots, appearing to hit flooring 40 once I unlock the 4th pill slot now!!) ; however, I felt just like my mobbing was quite inferior in tower of oz, especially in stages where you have to kill 200+ creatures that spawn in tilted and spaced ledges.

I had been using Showdown with prenombre along with the ghost teleport ability but I feel as I could use a different 4th job skill to maximize efficiency. I stole Chain Lightning yesterday (I pick that over Cannon Bazooka because some maps aren't flat at all and I believe Bazooka has a really very long delay despite its great range) but not got around to testing it yet. Any ideas which ability to use for mobbing? Does not even have to be job skills!

Here is what I was thinking might be viable:Cannon Bazooka; Chain Lightning (currently using this one); Piercing Arrow (is this better than cannon bazooka?)  extra drop rate, and speedy cast time).Some FM stores have an unnatural amount of merchandise (and a few with ordinary amounts) for example 10% clean slate scrolls (stacks of 100) along with other elite boss drops.

Even though they might have used some system that is unorthodox to collect these products, what occurs to us normal consumers that buy some of those maplestory m items? Are we risk if we buy from'anyone'? There are those obvious"BOSS BOSS BOSS" and odd shop owner names that some remain away from but what happens if they're transferred to a more not obvious shop/seller?

More product of games at Mmogo!If you want to buy,welcome to https://www.mmogo.com/Maplestory-m/Mesos.html!

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