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Provide Maplestory 2 Books

Provide Maplestory 2 Books

Equipment may also be bought through the commerce channel. Do bear in mind that while Meso is plentiful throughout Maplestory 2 Items, you'll find that costs for items, equipment, and everything else are fairly hefty, particularly at the onset of the game. Be diligent with your money and don't go blowing it on a lot of treasure boxes, tempting as it is.

It is well worth noting that equipment will also fall as a reward for completing elite level dungeons, therefore consider leveling up your character as swiftly as possible to be able to take on these dungeons and reap their benefit instead of depositing money on what is basically a gamble.

MapleStory 2 is the chill multiplayer mobile variant of the popular 2D MMORPG, MapleStory. In it, you'll explore the planet's peaceful isles, level up, make friends, and go on quests along with different players. Among the most well-known features will be pets.

Pets and minions are a fairly common feature in several MMORPGs, but in MapleStory 2 they're a bit more interesting.

Should you ever played with Castle Crashers, then they're a bit similar to this. You may equip them by heading to your character screen, and then tapping Pets. From this menu you can view each of the ones you've got available to you and swap them in/out for a max of three. You can also feed them to level them up using Pet Food that allows them to supply additional fans to you while researching the world of MapleStory 2.

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