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ahwhglass Dec 5 '18

After the energy crisis on the 1970s, different systems were developed for boosting the thermal performance involving glass curtain walls. The glass curtain wall could be the leading structure of the public building's outer protective construction. It is the many active and sensitive portion of the building's heat alternate and heat transfer. It is 5-6 times of loosing the traditional wall, and its energy consumption is the reason the entire building energy consumption. About 40%, and so the energy saving of your glass curtain wall has a remarkably important position.

In The far east, with the development in the market economy, building energy conservation is an urgent need for the particular sustainable development of China's economy and society. The understanding of energy conservation and topographical protection of construction models and design units is continually improving, and the vigor conservation requirements for cup curtain walls are regularly improving. Although the tempered insulated glass curtain wall building adopts the shading measures to quickly attain the desired heat warmth and energy saving consequence, at present, the parties at this stage don't pay enough attention for this. A poorly designed building having a glass curtain wall can consume four times more electricity per annum than a typical real façade building. The glass curtain wall includes a service life of 40 years, and its energy-saving effect is needless to say far superior to short-life surroundings conditioners, refrigerators, and boilers. For that reason, the energy saving involving glass curtain wall houses is more important versus energy conservation of various other building products. The development of photo voltaic curtain wall shading technology can be the most potential tool for building energy preservation.