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zhangsan Nov 7 '18
There is no denial of the fact that we all wish to live freely and self-sufficiently in our own homes. However Maglia Alessandro Plizzari , the reality is harsh and with the natural process of aging, most of us need help from our near and dear ones. And often, we have to move into an assisted living setting for health and safety reasons. However, as technology leaves its mark on all things, a home medical alert system stands tall as an innovative concept in adding that ultimate element of safety to our lives. The system supports individuals to live alone in their own home setting confidently and safely.

The new age concept of tele health services or alert system is not just for people who live alone. In fact, the companies offer incredible benefits to the seniors and elderly couples staying alone. The medical alarm system coupled with an effective monitoring system provides the ultimate satisfaction not just to you but also to all your family members, who worries about your health and safety.

Accept the fact that the unstoppable aging process includes increased chances of accidents. In fact, it simply takes one trip or a fall for the elderly person to end up with months of recovery time at the hospital. Not just falls, there could be arrays of other medical emergencies, which may require immediate attention.

Falls remain as one of the primary causes of death for the older adults. According to The National Safety Council, 11,000 older adults each year, or 30 each day, die owing to the falls injury. Reports also suggest that about 700,000 people each year suffer a stroke and stands as the third leading causes of death in the US.

Home medical alert system: All you need to know about the concept

This simple and extremely lightweight standard emergency alert and response system, has been typically designed while keeping the aging population and the people with disabilities in mind. The system may have many components, which includes but not limited to a wearable transmitter, equipped with an emergency button as well as a base unit to help dialing the telephone automatically to summon help.

A typical home medical alert system can be composed of two main pieces of equipment:

• A transmitter, (which can be worn ) equipped with a button that can be pressed rapidly and easily in case of medical emergency
• A base unit, which can be further connected to an existing telephone line, in typically a way the answering machine works

The alert systems are extremely lightweight, portable and a simple device which can be worn around the neck as a pendant or around the wrist as a wristband. The best part is, these are also water resistant, and it can survive shower as well as other dousing. In case of an emergency, the user need to press the button for transmitting a radio signal to the base unit that functions typically as an automatic dialer for sending out the emergency message.

The base unit (also known as console), which stands as the link between the button transmitter and the emergency telehealth services personnel, sends a signal to the telehealth service in case of medical emergencies.

How it can help you?

• You can get instant and effective access to help in case of a trip and fall
• Seniors and people with disability can get round the clock health monitoring
• A well-equipped home medical alert system in place offers the elderly their ultimate peace of mind
• Most of the medical emergency alert system companies offer 247 telehealth services and friendly tech-teams, working round the clock.

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