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zhouyueyue Aug 9 '18

BEIJING Nike Air VaporMax 2 Women's Gunsmoke Blue , Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- China will allow more enterprises to cooperate with vocational schools and higher educational institutions to further integrate businesses with education, according to a guideline issued by the State Council.

The guideline said that China should make transparent entry criteria and streamline administrative approvals for enterprises to work with schools.

China will encourage more enterprises to recruit students as interns, the guideline said, proposing that enterprises act as the main body to promote innovation and transform basic research into industrial technology.

Leading enterprises should take the lead in integrating enterprises and educational institutions, and state-owned enterprises will be supported by the country to cooperate with vocational schools.

In a move to promote the integration of vocational schools and enterprises, practical teaching courses should account for at least half of the total courses Women's Nike Air Vapormax CS Tea Berry Bordeaux Tea Berry Silver , according to the guideline.

by Maria Spiliopoulou

ATHENS, June 26 (Xinhua) -- The ancient Greek custom of "Klidonas" revived in neighborhoods across Athens in the weekend, offering residents an opportunity to get acquainted with fading traditions and have fun with people living next door by leaping over bonfires to "ward off evil", singing and dancing.

At Plato's Academy, inside the park where the great philosopher Plato was teaching his students more than 2,000 years ago Vapormax x Nike Air Max 97 KPU TPU Women's Pink White , hundreds of locals gathered on Friday evening to celebrate the "fortune telling" festival for the 12th consecutive year, while similar feasts were held during the weekend in other districts of the Greek capital.

The name "Klidonas" originates from the ancient Greek word "klidon" which means sound of a prophetic sign. In modern Greek "klidi" means "key".

With pagan roots in ancient Greece, Klidonas was adapted to the Christian religion, survived through the centuries, and is still celebrated with variations in parts of Greece, revelers at Plato's Academy told Xinhua.

In Athens in recent decades Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc Women's Dark Stucco Clay Green , as the city was getting larger and larger and people embraced a more westernized life style, the custom almost died until cultural clubs across Athens' municipalities started breathing new life into Klidonas.

Nowadays, Klidonas is celebrated on - or close to- June 24, on the birthday of Saint John the Baptist.

The celebration, which during the 20th century in villages across Greece was a kind of prophetic game for unmarried girls to discover their future husbands, has two stages.

On the eve of June 24 Nike Air VaporMax Plus Women's Green White , an unmarried girl carries water from the village's fountain in silence back to her home. All unmarried girls drop a lucky charm (an earring, a ring, a ribbon, a coin or an apple scratched with various marks for identification) in the clay pot which is sealed with a cloth and left outside under the stars during the night.

The next day the same girl carries the pot next to a large bonfire lit in the village's main square and as people jump over the fire she gives back to each of her friends their "treasures".

The girls learn of their "destinies" from the funny poems villagers recite before each item is taken out of the pot.

In the 21st century version of Klidonas which was revived at Plato's Academy, and other Athens neighborhoods, the "prophetic game" is not restricted to unmarried girls. Everyone can take part.

There is no single girl fetching water from the fountain or the river or lake anymore Nike Air VaporMax Plus Women's Pink Orange , but everybody wishing to participate can drop a personal item to the pot next to bonfire and play.

Today the "lucky charms" are key holders, a tiny toy, the wrapping of a chocolate bar, Stephanos Yanotis, one of the organizers of the feast at Plato's Academy explained.

Stephanos, Matina and other residents grew up near the park or other parts of Greece in the late 20th century celebrating the custom with their families and friends.

As the years went by and Klidonas was gradually forgotten in urban centers where everyone was focused on their careers and close circle of relatives and friends Nike Air VaporMax Plus Orange White Women's , they were missing the warmth of greeting the neighbors.

The revival of the custom was a chance to gather in a public space, get to know the neighbors, build relations and cultivate again the feeling of belonging in a group of people who care about their neighborhood.

The goal is to keep ignited the "flame of the tradition", pass it to next generations and recreate a bond between neighbors, Stephanos said, as children and grownups were playing "tug of war" and were enjoying themselves under the rhythm of music next to the bonfire. Enditem


CANBERRA Nike Air VaporMax Plus Women's Light Menta White Blue , Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- Australia's best swimmer, James Magnussen, is at loggerheads with Swimming Australia over his decision to use an untested coach to guide him through to the Rio Olympic Games.

Swimming Australia, the sport's peak body, issued a statement on Wednesday denouncing Magnussen's new training program, saying they said they would continue to fund his training but wanted a say in how the money is spent.

The 100m freestyle world champion ended his four-year partnership with Brant Best in September and has since hired young coaches Mitch and Lach Falvey as part of a new training program at Ravenswood swimming club in Sydney.

The move has not been well received by Swimming Australia's high-performance department - specifically performance director Michael Scott and national head coach Jacco Verhaeren - who are concerned about the Falveys' lack of experience at the elite level.

""Swimming Australia has announced today that it does not endorse James Magnussen's move to his new training program at Ravenswood School in Sydney Nike Air VaporMax Plus Women's Reverse Sunset Barely Grey , but will allocate the necessary funds to assist the swimmer's requirements for professional services,"" the statement . Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Adidas NHL Hats   Wholesale NCAA T-Shirts   Wholesale Basketball Jerseys   Wholesale Baseball T-Shirts   Wholesale Adidas NHL T-Shirts   Wholesale Football Hoodie   Wholesale MLB Hoodie   Cheap Nike NBA Hats