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zhangsan Jul 11 '18
Genetic determinants in marriage

Almost all people would think marriage is a social activity and would never think there is any determinant other than the free will of individuals. Social science advocates the compatibility factors which are so predominantly accepted in explaining and predicting love and marriage relationships between individuals. But only a very handful of people with forward thinking would dare to consider and research into the possible existence of more profound genetic variables. Of course Riccardo Montolivo Jersey , the study of genetic science is an extremely new domain in comparing with the relatively long history of the study of social science.

As very well said by Dr. Barry Starr, Stanford University:
"We like to think of ourselves as free thinking beings, making our own decisions and determining our own lives, but is this really true? Genetic work is beginning to show that we all have built in tendencies for how we act."
His "...studies...suggest a link between genetics and monogamy in an animal and genetics and divorce in people. In both, it looks like genetics significantly influences the actions of the subjects in these studies. Maybe genes can make success easier to come by in marriage."

Another finding by a team from Boston University in Massachusetts as reported by BBC News Ricardo Rodriguez Jersey , 11 July, 2001 further suggests that:
"The chances of a successful marriage may be determined by your genes. Scientists have found there is a significant genetic influence on whether or not a marriage lasts."

"Nobody knows when they walk up the aisle whether their marriage will last forever." Also reported by BBC News, 31 May, 2001, that a team of scientists from Ohio University in the US has spent ten years developing the test which:
"...they believe could give a good indication of which unions are doomed to failure....It is based on an analysis of hormone levels."

Despite all the above-cited forward thinking scientists who put forth their first step in genetic research Patrick Cutrone Jersey , the topic of marriage mostly rests in the hands of social scientists. Needless to say, the vast majority of the people, who would never dream of the inborn determinants behind marriage relationships, still generally believe that marriage relationships would be an emotional expression, a rational behavior Niccolo Zanellato Jersey , a social need, and a cultural rite, which we have to live with when they come by.

Compatibility, similarities, socio-cultural and psychological factors are the trump cards for matching serious love and marriage seekers Mattia De Sciglio Jersey , as could be seen from the other article, "Matching tools adopted by matchmakers", that "We could see what most if not all the matchmakers are basically applying in matching people are the nowadays "scientific" tools..."

Matchmaking service provided by almost all matchmakers with matching and introduction service is based upon the theory and practice in social science. It is bound to be not as accurate, partly because of the limitation in setting up replicable experimentation in the subject issue, and partly because of the nature of behavioral science in determining the exactitude of outcomes.

Best-Relationship-Advice takes a radically different approach in its formulation.
It is based on decoding the inborn characteristics of the people seeking for love and marriage relationships. Though it is not yet matching people by their DNA Matteo Gabbia Jersey , it is however very similar to checking the thumb-prints or eyeballs for individual identification, which are basically determined by their inborn characteristics.

Eventually, It would be indeed a scientific breakthrough and a technological feat when marriage relationships between people could conveniently and precisely be identified and thereby determined by matching their DNA in the foreseeable future, as more and more resources and talents are being drawn into this serious concern in human life.

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