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dsad Jun 13 '18
Polyimide silicon adhesive tape
Polyimide silicon adhesive tape is made from polyimide film painted with pressure sensitive adhesive. It can be used for a long-time under temperature between -70℃and 260℃.
Class H motor, electrical appliance
Golden finger reflow soldering shielding
Promptly paste in electronic fields as PCB、mobile etc.
High temperature label
Available thickness:50um  60um

Purchase notice
1.factory direct selling
The manufacturer's direct selling price is favorable, the manufacturer's production cycle is short, and the quality of the product is guaranteed.
2.On size
There is a small error in size because of professional test instrument and test method.
3.On customer service
If your consultation fails to respond in time, it may be that the amount of consultation is too large or a system failure at that time.
4.about after sale
our company has a professional after-sale service team, after sale service department is responsible for the general manager responsible for sales. After-sales service team is set up of relative people from sales, QC, production, technical department, professional dealing with customers problem.
5.On delivery
We have professional experienced shipping staff, timely arrange booking, custom declaration, relative transportation things, effectively assurance delivery time.
6.company slogan
In the current market information so transparent today, in our peers we are better than the quality, the price, and the service.
Warm hint: buy the product, please choose the manufacturer, the after-sales service has the guarantee.
Packaging marking, storage and transportation
1. packing in rolls with plastic package outside, then put into carton.
2. Carton will be marked with product name, specification, quantity information
3. film should be stored in a dry and clean room.
4. during storage and transportation, dampness and mechanical damage should be avoided.Polyimide Tape suppliers