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ylq Sep 11
That day, I went home from school. After I finished my homework, I went to the diary to write my own joy. Suddenly, I found that the diary was moved. I knew that it must be a mother. I sat there dumbly, and my heart was in trouble. As I grew up day by day, there were a lot of troubles around me. Most of the things that happen in school are not willing to talk to my mother, because as long as I talk about it, my mother will have a long story, I am not allowed to insert a sentence, and my ears can��t stand so many words, so I don��t want to let If the ear is guilty, I don't want to talk to my mother. I will write everything I want to say in my daily diary Newport 100S. Gradually, I felt the joy of talking from the diary. After writing, read your own voice, look at your own mood story, and sway the joy of joy in the heart of the lake. However, my mother looked at my eyes strangely Wholesale Cigarettes, it seems that I have something to look at her. Always looking at my schoolbag, I really want to hold a diary today, go to my mother and ask her: Why do you want to see my diary? But how can I hurt my mother's heart when I think about my mother's meticulous care for me on weekdays? Ugh! bother! bother! bother! I wrote a note in the diary: Mother, thank you for your meticulous care, and I am eager to communicate. However, if you look at my diary, I can't stand it. I just want to have my own sky. With this little joy, can you understand your daughter's heart? The next day, when I opened the diary, I found out. The trace of the page was soaked by tears, next to a small line of sly words: prostitutes Marlboro Lights, mother should not reprimand you, let alone peek at your diary. Mom just wants to approach your world and know you. Forgive my mother, okay, in an instant, tears will break out, and my mother��s love for me will come to my attention. In fact, I have no mistakes? Why should I understand her mother's heart? I took the diary and came to the mother's room. I slammed the door and opened the door. The door stood barefoot and opened the door to the mother! I hugged my mother tightly, my mother hugged me tightly, my mother and daughter had been embracing for a long time, and all the troubles suddenly vanished. After understanding each other, happiness filled the room and infiltrated all the time.
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