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ylq Sep 11
il now, two people have worked, and the New Year is still noisy, but no one cares about them anymore. Whoever loves who goes, is not a child. But the mother often erects her ears, and she is sorry for her grandmother's heart. She is still worried that her second daughter, Keyuan, is my brother's family. The little girl is round and round, and her mother likes it very much. In the New Year of that year, Ji Hui went out to play with Ji Yuan. After a while, she cried and shouted and ran back with her. When she entered the door, she shouted: "Grandma, my sister was blown up by firecrackers!" We went around and saw it. Isn't it, the little face is full of soot, black and black, almost to be fried. The mother cried aloud without warning: "Yuan Yuan, Yuan Yuan! What happened to you?" We were so good, seeing the mother crying, well, my brother, and our two people are crying. We brought a basin of water, washed a pot of black ash, and looked carefully. It was fortunate that the little face was still so pink, and there was no skin damage. We just broke into laughter, only the mother still touched the Yuan. Yuan��s little face shed tears. I only know when I was asked, a child throwing firecrackers on the back of Ji Hui and exploding on the side of Yuan Yuan��s clothes, but I really appreciate the quality of the firecrackers. Only the ash has no power, although I am the third Marlboro Cigarettes, but I The son is the mother's youngest grandson. At the time of the name, the mother and father gave a lot of choices, preferably the mother said, it is screaming, red and purple, good. Since I was a child, I like to climb the bottom, we are worried, but the mother does not care. Where is she, she will be guarded where. The little guy was weaned early, and the mother thought about how to eat it for him. I remember that she mixed the flour and the eggs, and dripped them on the pot little by little. I cooked them and made them into a bean cake. Then I cooked them with soup, and I was famous for the money cake. The son refused to eat, the mother could hold the bowl full of campus to chase the feeding, and sometimes a meal would have to feed for more than an hour. My son had a high fever and did not retreat. My wife and I were in the hospital, my mother came, untied my cotton coat, took her little grandson in my arms, and wept with tears. I raised my child��s knowledge, and at that moment, I finally read my mother and read a heart that was a grandmother. The child was the meat that fell from her mother. The grandson and granddaughter are her heart, and the mother usually does not. Tears, there are things that are harder and harder, and they all laughed. But when she saw her grandson and granddaughter suffer a little bit of grievances, she burst into tears. Among them, grandparents and grandchildren, who can really appreciate it? During the Chinese New Year last year, our family returned to their hometown for the New Year. On New Year's Eve, the mother laid a big bed in front of the electricity mokingusacigarettes.com, calling her baby grandson baby granddaughter and her to sleep at the TV party Newport 100S, several people are big and big. The girl surrounded their grandmother in the middle, I saw my mother turned back and gently wiped the corner of my eyes, I know that she is happy, for the sake of her children and grandchildren. I also know that she is sad, she is thinking about my dead father, how much she hopes that my father's spirit in the sky can see all this, can listen to her grandson and granddaughter's laughter at that moment, I look at the mother The figure turned back and burst into tears.
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