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ylq Aug 28 '19
he sun shines a little stunned, as if it was a constant one. A very large part of the memory of childhood was about the countryside. The nanny at that time was a very honest rural person, surnamed Zhang. I can't remember her appearance. I only remember that she was very good to me. When she was on holiday, she would go back to China, and I followed. Then, the small landscape of the mountains became my world. spring. The wind blew, the lake was crumpled and wrinkled into a ball, but the heart was about to open. I always fly with a kite on the ridge, thinking that I am going to catch up with the sun mokingusacigarettes.com. For me, the sun, no, the light, seems to have a special attraction. Then, with a dazzling effort, it was noon. At this time, there will always be a girl who said softly to me: "I want to have a meal." The girl is Xiaofeng, the daughter of Xiao Zhang��s aunt. Xiao Zhang��s aunt has a pair of children, the male is called Xiaolong, and the female is called Xiaofeng Marlboro Red. The more common name Cheap Cigarettes, but also the little Zhang Aunt��s hopeful son Jackie Chan, who is not reading a lot, is looking forward to the feelings of Xiaonong��s feelings. Small skin, combing the refreshing ponytail, without too much whitewashing, laughing and soft, but it has a little bit of water lotus. At that time, she was extremely beautiful, with all the gestures that girls in the youthfulness should have. She often buys me a lollipop. The multicolored sugar paper is very beautiful. I took the candy paper and looked at the sun. Through a thin layer of transparent transparent paper, even the seemingly majestic sun is reflected in the color of the rainbow. This sugar is extremely cheap, and it only sold for one dime at that time. Sugar painted like a smile, like a very cheap mold, awkwardly laughing, like a funny clown. The taste is excellent, the sugar melts slowly in the mouth, as if it melted the sun and melted my entire childhood. So the memory of Xiaofeng��s sister in her mind was fixed at 18 or 9 years old. Until the day before, she met her on the street with her children. At that time, it was difficult for me to recognize her again. Xiaofeng, who was once a beautiful and charming person, now has a woman��s rich state. The five senses do not change much, but they never have the charm of the year. It was her child who turned her eyes and was full of novelty about the still unknown world. She greeted me with great enthusiasm, but I was a little rusty. Immediately, she seemed to think of something, took a lollipop from her pocket, still a funny face, and laughed awkwardly. There are still a few temperatures left on the sugar, like the way it is going to melt. Putting it on the tip of the tongue, the sweetness of the mouth is still the taste of the year, but it can no longer taste the feeling of the year. Time flies away from the thoughts of flying, everything seems to be so familiar, and strange.
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