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sellcigarette Jun 12 '19
Huang added which smoking or not smoking within the insurance premium will be different just how much? The staff member of ministry involving insurance of life insurance party calculated an zhang, in case have long-term smoke age group, other physical examination catalog is poorer also, which is cast protect 20 years, one million yuan to Newport 100s Cigarettes protect any Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping forehead, its annual spend insurance cost is about 5800 yuan; But if the "super body", its annual premium is just about 2, 400 yuan. "Smokers have a much higher risk of numerous diseases than nonsmokers, along with insurance companies have a much higher risk, therefore there is a big difference in rates. " The officer described. It is known that the primary customers of this product mostly are urban white-collar workers, Cheap Newport 100s Carton amongst whom young people aged among 26 and 40 take into account 91. 1% of the count of customers. Several insurance companies, such as China life insurance (601628) in addition to taiping life insurance (601628), possess differentiated customers based on smoking cigarettes.