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skeily May 23 '19

Laser hair removal has become one of the most convenient and preferred methods of hair removal, and for good reason. It gives you the freedom to control your life when you wear what you want and what you want. It also lets you get rid of the hassle of regular waxing appointments and annoying shaving sessions! Here are the factors that will help determine how many laser hair removals you need.

Hair growth cycle

Human hair is grown in three stages - Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Anagen is in the growth phase, Catagen is in the withering phase, and Telogen is in the dormant phase. Laser hair removal is only for the hair in the growing season, ie the growth phase. However, this phase lasts for 2 - 3 years, sometimes even longer, depending on the part of the body.

Skin and hair type

The treatment takes about six courses. However, since everyone is different, in some cases more or less may be needed. Meetings are usually distributed for 2-3 months. Some people still need to modify the meeting later to get rid of some growth.

The number of laser hair removal machine treatments required depends on your skin type, hair color, hair roughness, depth of hair follicles, and the size of the area in need of treatment. IPL requires more sessions than lasers.

Laser: 4-6 treatments, 6-10 weeks apart
In general, 80-90% of excellent candidates require at least 4-6 laser sessions at intervals of 6-10 weeks to reduce hair loss by 70-90%. There are three stages in the hair growth cycle, and activation is killed during the active growth phase. 4-6 treatments are required to target all hair during the active growth phase. However, some customers may require additional treatment due to skin type, hair coloring, and genetic factors.

IPL requires more dual sessions than lasers
Female Facial: 8-12 courses; Body Hair: 6-10 lessons
Men's facial hair: 12-20 meetings; body hair: 10-15 times

Suitable for dyeing hair and skin tone
3-6 meetings: dark hair and skin types I, II, III
5-7 meetings: medium hair and skin type I, II, III
8-10 courses: Light hair and skin types I, II, III
8-10 courses: medium hair and skin type IV
Light/gray/red hair cannot be used with any IPL

I hope this helps you!