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zhouyueyue May 23 '19
RING AROUND THE ROSY... A fun version of the game played on the ground. Form a circle in the middle of the trampoline. Can hold hands Ali Marpet Jersey , or walk around in a circle. Chant, "Ring around the Rosy, a Pocket Full of Posies, Ashes Donovan Smith Jersey , Ashes, We all Do A ________________." Each person takes a turn picking the way you should fall down. Examples include: Bottom drops, knee drops, backwards drops Vernon Hargreaves III Jersey , etc. You can get even more creative by doing animal drops, airplane or train drops, and more. **Recommended for little jumpers up and 3 or more people.

CROSSFIRE... A fun version of dodge ball. Two people are up on the trampoline while the rest of the team is on the ground around the trampoline. A soft ball is thrown at the people on the trampoline from the people on the ground. If they hit that person with the ball, they switch positions Chris Godwin Jersey , and the person they hit then goes to the ground. Points are earned when players on the ground successfully tag someone up on the trampoline. Can go to 10 points, or 20 depending on how many people are playing. For more intense play, use two soft balls. Points are taken away if you tag someone on the head. **Recommended ages 8+ with a minimum of 6 people playing.

HOT POTATO... Four jumpers are on the trampoline. All players must be jumping at all times. A soft ball is thrown between players. Players must catch the ball. If they drop it, fail to catch it Justin Evans Jersey , or stop jumping to catch the ball they are out. Play continues until there is only one player left. **Recommended for players 5+ with a minimum of three players. Four or more is most recommended.

P.I.G.... Players gather around the trampoline on the ground. One player goes to the middle of the trampoline and performs a trick. It could be a handstand, a bottom drop, a knee drop, or sommersault. The first player exits the trampoline and the next player waiting in line on the ground goes to the middle of the trampoline and performs the trick of the first player. If they are able to perform the trick O. J. Howard Jersey , play continues down the line of players until someone is not able to perform the trick, or play comes back to the first player. If all players are able to correctly perform the trick down the line of players, then the second player in line will perform a trick. If a person fails to perform the trick, they receive a letter "P" and the player immediately behind them picks a new trick to perform. Play ends after a player has received all three letters to form "PIG." **Recommended for ages 5+ with a minimum of three players.

CRACK THE EGG.... All players are up on the trampoline. One player is chosen to sit in the middle of the players who have formed a circle around her. The player in the middle sits with knees drawn to chest and arms around her knees. Players jump around her until she "cracks" or releases her arms from around her legs. **Recommended for ages 5+ with a minimum of three players.

TELEPHONE...A variation of the old game. Children line up around the edge of the trampoline. One person goes to the center of the trampoline and performs a trick. It could be a bottom drop Carlton Davis Jersey , bouncing two or three times, or another type of trick. The next child in line goes to the center of the trampoline after the first person exits off. They then perform the first persons' trick, than add a trick of their own. The third person than enters the center of the trampoline and continues the cycle until someone is not able to remember the sequence correctly. They then are "out" and serve as a judge to watch the others and make sure they perform the sequences correctly. If a small group is playing, keep rotating through the group of players while adding new sequences. **Recommended for ages 5+ with a minimum of three players.

SPRINKLER... Place a sprinkler underneath the trampoline. Have children bounce on top. Lot's of fun when the summer heat makes the trampoline HOT! **Recommended for bouncers ages 4+ with a minimum of one jumper. Although it's funner with two or more!

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