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A good attitude facing the puzzle game
But really very sweet, super sweet ... Put your towel around his neck. In a world without fish (we s...
baby Jul 10 '18
Kingdom Come Deliverance starts on hubcaps
That's a far more than adequate learn to the development studio Warhorse. The game has indeed emerge...
baby Jul 11 '18
Boruto: Naruto the Movie to Play in Over 80 U.S. Cities
In Boruto -Naruto the Movie-, famed ninja, Naruto Uzumaki protects the Hidden Leaf Village since the...
baby Jul 11 '18
First look of Dragon Slayer Alpha Test
Developed by Taiwanese studio X-Legend Entertainment (Grand Fantasia, Eden Eternal, Aura Kingdom), D...
baby Jul 12 '18
Early Access: Aura Kingdom Gameplay Impressions
I’ve gone over customization options, achievements, along with the intensive Eidolon system, even so...
baby Jul 13 '18
Taiwanese MMORPG Astral Realm Starts The OBT on June 11
Fantasy MMORPG Astral Realm will get rid of their Open Beta on June 11th in Taiwan.The level cap wil...
baby Jul 14 '18
Fantasy Frontier New Trailer Features Game Combat and Skills
Taiwanese developer X-Legend, well-known due to its games like Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal, rece...
baby Jul 17 '18
Heroes of Valhalla - GMO Mythology its remarkable X-Legend
X-Legend Entertainment enjoys the success of the games installed Aura Kingdom and Eden Eternal . Inh...
baby Jul 17 '18
Macro Aura Kingdom Mobile - Identical cult MMORPG PC
According to information known, Aura Kingdom Mobile has become officially closed beta in Taiwan mark...
baby Jul 18 '18
How to Make a Party in Aura Kingdom
Aura Kingdom is often a massive online role playing game where your character navigates a fantasy wo...
baby Jul 19 '18
bucks to ESO Blades Gold
It is totally ok for them to invest just like 20-50 bucks to ESO Blades Gold that game, as you have...

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