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Rigged Torrent - event at Faber Social Network

Rigged Torrent


Date & time Sep 21 '18
Creator skygsosnavi

Who's attending

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Rigged Torrent

In the seedy underground of illegal prizefighting, a corrupt boxing promoter is embroiled in a dangerous fight-fixing scheme with his female prizefighter. Michael Dublin is a full-time con man working the underground boxing circuit. A lonely drifter on the run from a past best forgotten, he moves from one scam to another, leaving a trail of enemies in his wake. Dublin invents his best scam yet when he meets Katherine Paker, a female fighter with the skills to take down a man twice her size. In a scheme Dublin calls "fight-rigging, in reverse", the two hit the road working fights in seedy basement bars, abandoned warehouses, and backwoods county fairs. But Dublin's shady past catches up with them and suddenly the stakes are higher - and more dangerous - than they'd ever imagined. MILLION DOLLAR BABY is a pantywaist compared to RIGGED. As good as that acclaimed movie is, RIGGED is just as real and powerful as FIGHT CLUB. And Rebecca Neuenswander is a knockout. FIGHT NIGHT is about the underground boxing circuit...from Dalhart, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma and Kansas City, Missouri to Miami, Florida. Michael Dublin(Chad Ortis)is a full-time con man, a product of the circuit traveling from town to town with one scam to another. You have to get in line to get a piece of him...enemies outnumber his friends. Dublin comes across the best scam of his career when he meets Katherine Parker(Neuenswander), a female bare-knuckled fighter that possess more skills than any man twice her size. Dublin and Katherine hit the road with what he calls 'fight-rigging, in-reverse'. Every abandoned warehouse, country fair and seedy basement bar seems more and more like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Dublin's extra shady past was meant to catch up with him as the stakes get higher and danger is just a left jab away. Even the relationship between Katherine and 'Dub' travels to an unexpected place.

Brutal violence and strong language star equally in this hard punching drama. Others in the cast: Kurt Hanover, David Alan Graf, DeeDee Arps and John Wilson. Boxing promoter in the underground fight game runs across a young woman with the power and ability to take out men twice her size. Hooking up they begin to make inroads into the fight game until the past and emotions begin to spin everything sideways. This fight drama is an okay little film. Its flashy low budget and independent attempts to spice things up (there are distracting titles as to places and times-how many times is it New Years Eve?) never really amount to very much. This is a run of the mill little film who?s dreams out distance its reach.

Normally I?d stop there and say that its worth seeing if you run across it but you didn't have to search it out. This time however I'm going to do something different and say that if you want to see a really good performance and what is sure to be an early performance by someone who is sure to be a big actress see this film. Rebecca Neuenswander who plays Katherine Parker, the fighter, is amazing. She gives a performance that is assured and radiant (even when she?s getting punched in the face). She is haunting in away that few actresses are. In all honesty I was ready to give up on this film early on but then there was this small young girl beating the snot out of this much bigger guy in an alley and I was hooked. Talk about making an entrance. Amazing. She has a fantastic screen presence something very few actresses, even established ones have. If she is can continue to get interesting roles and hopefully something that will get her noticed I think she?ll be huge. Then again if she can be arresting with this mediocre script odds are she?ll be able to make her own luck. She is an actress to watch. See this for Rebecca so that in five years you can say you saw her when... 7cb1d79195

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