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Lok Parlok Movie Download - event at Faber Social Network

Lok Parlok Movie Download


Date & time Sep 20 '18
Creator skygsosnavi

Who's attending

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Lok Parlok Movie Download

Amar lives a poor lifestyle along with his widowed mom in a village, and has a sweetheart in Savitri. He is a trouble-maker and makes life difficult for the Panchayat Chair, Kalicharan, who also happens to be Savitri's father, so much so that Kalicharan hires Ram Shastri to kill Amar. After his passing, Amar enters Swarg Lok where he gets to meet with Devraj Indra and then Yamraj. Amar incites Yam Dhooths to go on a strike, as well as has Yamraj himself consider going on a vacation along with his assistant, Chitragupt Sharma. As a result, Yamraj and Chitragupt end up in modern day Bombay as ordinary human beings, and people stop dying, while Amar himself is given back his life. But not for long for soon he will be called upon to provide bail for a jailed Yamraj and Chitragupt, who will soon return to Swarg Lok and take him along too!! Jitendra is an urban man who is gets involved in the rural politics. His opponents kills him. A rationale mind of a youngster creates a panic in the department of 'Yamraj'. Its a very good film. Jitendra is in his prime and looks extremely handsome. Prem Nath as 'Yamraj' is super-cool. Lots of jokes in the film are very interesting. Deven Varma as 'Chitragupta' is funny. Its funny how he is called 'Guptaji' on earth. My favorite unit in this film is when Jitendra like moses talks about a day off and calls a strike. A strike in after-life department creates a Helter-Skelter on earth. People die and get up immediately as the door of heaven/hell is closed. Film is full of ideas and doesn't stop until the end. The end is a little surprise and a good surprise for that matters. Yamraj and Chitragupta in a restaurant is damn funny. Prem Nath is such a gifted actor. This is a big whack. Oh yes there is Jaya Prada also but you can fast forward her. I like Jitendra as an actor and this is one of his best performances. A good time pass. The film is about a rabble-rouser (Jeetendra) who dies and goes to hell, where he starts up a union among the workers of Yamraj, the God of Hell (Premnath). He gets the workers to strike and eventually manages to get Yamraj himself to go on vacation, thereby stopping 'entry services' into hell. This consequently ends deaths on earth, and sends the Gods of heaven into a tizzy.

This is an extremely interesting film for a number of reasons - first, the references to Hindu gods are often irreverent (Yamraj is asked what he had to do with the 'immaculate conception' of Yudhistir in the Mahabharata) making one wonder if films have become less permissive over time! Second, there are several underhand references to Indira Gandhi's emergency (when Jeetendra engineers the strike in hell, he warns Yamraj that his own close aides will turn on him and depose against him in an enquiry commission if push came to shove).

And if all of this is not reason enough, the film is overall very entertaining -- Premnath and Deven Varma are fantastic as Yamraj and Chitragupt, the dialogue and script are quite funny. That said, the film could have shaved a few minutes off. 646f9e108c

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